Thank you for checking out my website. I’d love to provide a short primer on optimism.

Research has shown that life is better for optimists! There are psychological and health benefits to optimism and more and more companies are tracking optimism in employees. Optimism has shown to increase productivity, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment. Optimism also improves organizational culture, a shared set of beliefs, values, and workplace norms.

While Optimism is beneficial to the workplace and organizational culture, toxic behaviors and job stress are detrimental.  1 in 5 workers will encounter a hostile or toxic social work environment. And their health, productivity, and quality of work may suffer from toxic stress, as a result. 

To keep ahead of workplace toxicity, organizations need to be able to measure optimism levels so they can address and cultivate an environment where optimism thrives. Measuring optimism workplace optimism levels can be challenging, but I’m here to help.

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