Optimism is Now Here

Empowered Connection

In my┬ádissertation, I identified Empowered Connection as an essential component of the optimistic workplace. I define Empowered Connection as, cooperative interaction with others that promotes a sense of safety, confidence, and competence that allows employees to take risks and try new things. When employees experience empowered connections they feel safe enough to be creative work […]

Fill Your Cup!

One of the best ways to practice optimism is by using a short simple exercise called the Best Possible Self (BPS) exercise. In 2020, researchers, Johannes Bodo Heekerens and Michael Eid conducted a meta-analysis of 34 studies that used the Best Possible Self exercise and found that practicing this exercise can at least temporarily happiness. […]


Looking for more resources to support your Personal Optimism Practice? Click the Links below to get started! Related References The Life is Good Playmakers The foundation of my dissertation was based on the philosophy of the Life is Good Playmakers. The Playmakers provide workshops and resources for childcare professionals to help them create healing, life-changing […]

The Optimistic Workplace

In my study, I proposed a model for optimism at work that includes four essential components, Empowered Connection, Joyful Engagement, Optimistic Leadership and Organizational Optimism. I called this the Frost Optimistic Workplace Model. Employees in an optimistic workplace will experience, Empowered Connection, or cooperative interaction with others that promotes a sense of safety, confidence, and […]


Thank you for checking out my website. I’d love to provide a short primer on optimism. Research has shown that life is better for optimists! There are psychological and health benefits to optimism and more and more companies are tracking optimism in employees. Optimism has shown to increase productivity, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment. Optimism […]