The Optimistic Workplace

In my study, I proposed a model for optimism at work that includes four essential components, Empowered Connection, Joyful Engagement, Optimistic Leadership and Organizational Optimism. I called this the Frost Optimistic Workplace Model.

The Frost Optimistic Workplace Model (Frost, 2021).

Employees in an optimistic workplace will experience, Empowered Connection, or cooperative interaction with others that promotes a sense of safety, confidence, and competence, that allows them to take risk, and Joyful Engagement and A positive, hopeful, and fulfilling experiences that commands their full presence in an activity. The leaders of the organization practice Optimistic Leadership by seeing the good, and amplifying the good in themselves, others, as well as the workplace. Organizational Optimism infuses the culture of the workplace, optimism is at the center and employees are encouraged to see, focus, and feel the good, in themselves, in others, and in their work, regardless of the circumstances.

Is your workplace optimistic?

Do you work in an environment where you and your coworkers feel empowered to work hard and do your best work?

Do you feel deeply connected with your coworkers and company leaders? Is there a deep sense of trust among colleagues?

Do leaders in the organizations look to see and amplify the good? Do the focus on problems or solutions?

If not, consider what you could do to begin to create a culture of optimism in your workplace.

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