Empowered Connection

In my dissertation, I identified Empowered Connection as an essential component of the optimistic workplace. I define Empowered Connection as, cooperative interaction with others that promotes a sense of safety, confidence, and competence that allows employees to take risks and try new things. When employees experience empowered connections they feel safe enough to be creative work independently, they understand their roles, they have a support network of peers, they feel safe enough to share their ideas and opinions, they share common values with those they work with.

For me, empowered connection is like the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy, your need for empowered connection needs to be met first. If you want employees to bring their best self to work, you’ve got to create an environment where they can experience empowered connection. Employers should take care not to fall into the empathy trap, and blow smoke to spare feelings. Creating an environment where employees experience empowered connection means that employers also need to give honest and constructive feedback. They should encourage employees to do their best.

If you’re feeling empowered and want to connect with others, share what empowered connection looks like at your work in the comments below.

Or you can drop me a line, I’d love to talk to you about how to build a positive workplace for your crew.

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